Production & Digital Services


We specialize in digital imaging from minor retouching and color enhancements to special effects and compositing; The best equipment is used such as professional cameras from Canon and capture and processing software from Apple and Adobe. Please inquire for DI cost, priced per project.


Our production team is available to coordinate and consult on any production, with services including:

  • Commercial Photography
  • Still Photography Production, all aspects
  • Studio Rentals for productions, events, and exhibitions
  • Strobe, Continuous Lighting, & Grip Equipment Rental
  • Accommodations for film/video productions and event planning
  • Support for International productions visiting Vietnam
  • Talent and talent casting
  • Wardrobe styling, Hair & Makeup
  • Location scouting
  • Prop Stylist
  • Set design and builder
  • Catering


S3 Studios has a full line of Profoto strobe equipment. The production team can support strobe and continuous lighting rentals and grip equipment rentals.

Please inquire with your needs and we will coordinate a lighting rental for you.


Strobe Lighting

  • Profoto PRO-7a 2400w/s Strobe pack
  • Profoto PRO-7b 1200w/s Strobe battery PACK
  • Profoto PRO-7b extra battery
  • Profoto PRO-HEAD w /reflector (2400w/s)
  • Profoto PRO- TWIN BI-TUBE strobe head (4800w/s)
  • Profoto PRO-B head w /reflector (1200w/s MAX)
  • Profoto Head Extention CABLE 5m
  • Profoto Ringlight (2400w/s)
  • Profoto Ringlight Widesoft Reflector
  • Profoto Telezoom Reflector
  • Profoto Magnum Reflector
  • Profoto Softlight Beauty Dish
  • Small Umbrella
  • Large Umbrella

  • Softbox SM. 2x3'/60x90cm
  • Softbox MED 3x4'/90x120cm
  • Softbox LG. 4x6'/128x180cm
  • Octogon BOX 120cm
  • Profoto Speedring
  • Profoto Octogon Giant Silverer 210cm/7'
  • Profoto Octogon 1/3 f-stop Diffuser
  • Grid Set
  • Bogan Superboom W/ counterweight & stand
  • Elinchrom Monobloc 500/50
  • Softbox SM. 24X32in/75x55cm for Elinchrom
  • Elinchrom Speedring
  • Pocket Wizard Plus II Radio Transceiver

Continuous Lighting

  • HMI Lamps, Kinoflo, Tungsten Lamps, Quartz Lights


  • Chroma-Key backdrops
  • Paper Backgrounds
  • Paint-to-order

Grip Equipment

  • Stands, Sandbags, Appleboxes, Silks, Solids, Nets, Flags, Frames & etc


  • Required for high-energy draw lighting such as HMIs or large Tungsten lamps.

Lighting and Photographer’s Assistants

**Equipment rental includes a minimum of one assistant.